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Trisha Romance The Gift

Trisha Romance

750 s/n Paper
13" x 19"
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Trisha Romance

The Gift - Trisha Romance
Published Fall 1985 - #49 limited edition print

Beyond the legendary appeal of Santa, it is so exciting to see children involved
in the spirit of giving. It is a value one trys to install in their children and
sometimes the effort seems complicated by the numerous Christmas toy
catalogues. Once the true meaning is realized by your child, the moment
is heart warming. In this painting of our dining room, Natan is busy preparing
a gift for daddy and Tanya is history repeating herself. As children we always
spent hours playing and rearranging the nativity scene under the sparkling
Christmas tree. The figures were always delicate and breakable, with
numerous glued parts on shepherds, kings, and angels, reflecting the
many years of journeys across the living room floor.


The Gift - Trisha Romance


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The Gift - Trisha Romance