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Trisha Romance Faithful Friends

Trisha Romance

15K s/n Paper
15.25" x 12.5"
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Trisha Romance

Faithful Friends - Trisha Romance
Published Fall 1991 - #90 limited edition print

As Mother Nature would have it, we have always been blessed with a constant cycle
of wildlife on our farm. While pheasants feasted on tidbits of corn left by our old pony
, deer shared the open fields with our horses. I always plant extra lettuce in the vegetable
garden to insure an abundance for the "visiting" rabbits. Fish are nurtured from season
to season in the reflecting pond, while raccoons, ground hogs and skunks regale nightly
around the cat food dish in the stable!

Although they now accuse me of being "Snow White", I have always hoped that my
children would never take God's Creatures for granted. After all it is their home too!

But I must say that it is the birds that bring a constant source of joy and life to the
farm. We have the fondest memories of raising a newly hatched sparrow that had
fallen from it's nest. Affectionately named "Squirt", he was eventually released back
into the wild, but would return to perch on our hands for a welcomed "squirt" of
millet porridge. Part of the children's daily chores involved filling the multitude
of bird feeders on the property. From the kitchen window I would watch as I prepared
dinner. While all the other birds would scatter, the sprightly chickadee would wait, never
afraid of their presence. This scene always put a smile on my face, but also an inspiration
in my heart. I promised myself that I would one day paint this special part of life on our
farm...when these little friends faithfully appear to warm even the coldest of winter days.


Faithful Friends - Trisha Romance


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Faithful Friends - Trisha Romance