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Len Krenzler - Clash of the Titans

Len Krenzler

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Signed by John Thompson and Frank Johnson

Hawker Typhoons Attack a Tiger Tank in the Battle of the Falaise Pocket,
August 22, 1944.

Rocket Firing Typhoons: The Hawker Typhoon was one of the most powerful and
effective attack aircraft flown by the RAF and RCAF during WWII. It was powered
by an incredible 24 cylinder engine which produced 2,200 horsepower and
propelled the Typhoon to over 400mph.

The Typhoon was a mean machine could be armed with either rockets or
bombs with some squadrons using 6 pound unguided rockets and some
1,000 pound bombs in their attack role.

The rocket firing Typhoons had the option to fire 2 rockets at a time or all
8 at once. Typically, pilots fired all 8 at anti-aircraft gun installations and 2
at a time at vehicles. Rockets were usually fired from about 2,000 feet
away but sometimes from much closer as target opportunities presented
themselves. The Typhoon was also equipped with 4 very powerful 20mm canon.

The Mighty Tiger Tank: The German Tiger was one of the most fearsome tanks
to enter battle in WWII. It weighed 57 tons and was armed with the famous
88mm gun. It outclassed any Allied tank by a wide margin and some tiger
crews had incredible records, scoring over 150 tank victories in their Tigers.

In "Clash of the Titans" these two legendary warriors meet in a breathtaking
exchange of pure firepower during one of the most crucial and fierce battles
of operation Overlord. It is a battle that all those involved will never
forget. The outcome of this encounter is unknown.

The Mission: The battle of the Falaise pocket was the decisive conclusion
to the battle of Normandy. Two days later Paris was liberated.

In this scene John Thompson opens fire with rockets and canon on a German
Tiger tank caught in the open. The 20mm canon shells were not enough to
do significant damage to the Tiger but helped suppress infantry nearby
and discourage the commander from using the turret mounted machine gun.

In this encounter the Tiger fired back with its main gun. Although the chances
of a hit were very small with such a heavy weapon against an aircraft there
were a few hits recorded with expert tank crews who waited for just
the right moment to fire as Typhoons crossed their paths.

The rockets were not always powerful enough to destroy the mighty Tiger,
especially against the heavy front armor but in this scene John gives it
his best shot while Frank can be seen above waiting for his chance to attack.


Clash of the Titans - Len Krenzler




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