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We represent the entire collection of Lawren Harris. Prices are in CDN.


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Lawren Harris Northern Painting

Lawren Harris

Giclee Canvas 20" x 22" $95
Giclee Canvas 25" x 28" $139
Giclee Canvas 30" x 34" $199
Giclee Canvas 36" x 40" $299
Giclee Canvas 41" x 46" $349
Giclee Canvas 46" x 52" $399


Lawren Harris, the Group of Seven’s flamboyant front man, was dashing, oracular, ambitious and enigmatic. Imagine a mix of Merlin, Gauguin and Batman, his utility belt stocked with oil paints, hovering perpetually between high society and artistic outer space. The scion of one of Canada’s wealthiest families, Harris could have been a Photoplay cover boy—squint and you might see Charlie Chaplin, squint tighter and maybe Clark Gable. His buddies were bank presidents, doctors and industrialists, and he built elegant, expensive houses for his family. Still, he always felt more at home in the deep bush.

Lots of rich people collect art, but very few set out to make it, and even fewer with the obsessiveness that Harris did. From his late teens, he painted incessantly, searching for ever more transcendent subjects. He used his mansion at 63 Queen’s Park Crescent as the Group’s headquarters, had a special boxcar outfitted so they could venture, in relative comfort, deep into the wilderness of northern Ontario, and earnestly promoted his radical ideas about art in magazines, lecture halls and private clubs. Harris was a breathless devotee of theosophy—a tricked-out mash-up of Eastern philosophy and self-help—and became convinced that artists were superior beings attuned to a higher reality. He wore his studio smock like a vestment and believed his art could shape the country’s identity. “There is a holiness about them,” Harris’s confidante Emily Carr said of his paintings in 1927. “Something you can’t describe but just feel.”

Northern Painting - Lawren Harris

Canvas prices are for unframed, unstreteched canvas.
We can stretch, frame and ship in North America. Email for a quote.
International orders will ship unframed.


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Northern Painting - Lawren Harris