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James Lumbers Titanic Departure

James Lumbers

350 s/n Giclee Paper 18.25" x 24" $275
50 s/n Giclee Canvas 27.25" x 36" $895





James Lumbers Dawn Of A New Day

James Lumbers

350 s/n Giclee Paper 18" x 24" $275
50 s/n Giclee Canvas 27" x 36" $895






James Lumbers Olympic Gold

James Lumbers

495 s/n Giclee Paper 15.75" x 21" $275
75 s/n Giclee Canvas 27" x 36" $895




James Lumbers Lone Pine

James Lumbers

95 s/n Canvas Giclee
Hand Embellished
24" x 30"





James Lumbers Double Trouble

James Lumbers

95 s/n Canvas Giclee
Hand Embellished
30" x 25"





James Lumbers Adrift

James Lumbers

95 s/n Canvas Giclee
Hand Embellished
22.5" x 30"






James Lumbers Times Change

James Lumbers

s/n Giclee Paper 13.75" x 21" $225
s/n Canvas Giclee 23.75" x 36" $795








James Lumbers Morning Relections

James Lumbers

125 s/n Giclee Paper 15.75" x 21"$275
98 s/n Canvas Giclee 22.5" x 30" $595







James Lumbers Saturday Night Hockey

James Lumbers

325 s/n Giclee Paper 13" x 21" $255
35 s/n Canvas Giclee 22.5" x 36" $795








James Lumbers Where Dreams Are Born

James Lumbers

50 s/n Canvas Giclee 27" x 36" Email-price
340 s/n Giclee Paper 17.75" x 23" Email Price








James Lumbers The Goalie Mask

James Lumbers

75 s/n Canvas Giclee 24" x 36" $895
495 s/n Giclee Paper 14" x 21" $225








James Lumbers The Hockey

James Lumbers

75 s/n Canvas Giclee 27" x 36" $895
450 s/n Giclee Paper 17.75" x 23" $225






James Lumbers Abandoned Heritage

James Lumbers

790 s/n Paper
17" x 23"

Long ago, working farms predominated our countryside,
independent of each other, yet prone to the same
hardships and joys that each year brought.






James Lumbers A Boy and His Dream Wayne Gretzky

James Lumbers

9999 s/n Paper
17.5" x 22"

I wanted to show Wayne Gretzky not only as the world's
greatest hockey player but also as the boy who loved
hockey and persevered towards his dream through hard
work and under the coaching of his father. To get the details
right, I travelled to Brantford, Ontario, to spend time with
those closest to Wayne -- his parents. At the Gretzky family
home, where Walter built those famous backyard ice rinks,
I pored through photo albums and studied Wayne as a
youngster. I also had the chance to sketch Walter in his
characteristic coaching pose. I left Brantford convinced
that Wayne's dedication to his sport, and the support
of his parents, are what made it possible for the Great One
to realize his dream.


James Lumbers An Enchanted Evening

James Lumbers

1500 s/n Paper
17" x 22"

Many a young couple have walked down this flower-scented
path on a moonlit night. They would stop under the archway
gazing into each other's eyes. The stone wall is crumbling now
and the pathway is overgrown. Lovers no longer stroll here.
But listen for a moment to the soft rustle of leaves under
the hazy summer moon. Romance linger still captured by
the magic of love and the many hues of my palette.





James Lumbers Billy Nine Fingers

James Lumbers

590 s/n Paper
17" x 23"

After the death of rag king Scott Joplin, in 1917, musical
entertainment moved on through various forms, but, by the
late 1970s, everyone from cocktail pianists to symphony
conductors joined into the act. In this entertaining scene,
Billy "Nine" Fingers is rolling out one of his favourite rags
called "Dill Pickles". Billy's playing has attracted a
prestigious audience brought together by a common love
for music. They include Max Ferguson, Harry Freedman,
Nick Kilburn and even the Friendly Giant,
if one can spot them …



James Lumbers Beyond The Shore

James Lumbers

390 s/n Paper
24" x 19"

This painting was created in my studio a number of years
ago when our old cat went to a better world. I observed the
expression on our new kitten's face as he sat in the warm
glow of the fire. It seemed logical to link the two of them
together because I think cats understand things
we'll never know




James Lumbers The Big Catch

James Lumbers

390 s/n Paper
22" x 28"

Spring is about to give way to summer in The Big Catch. Of course Mr. Emmet and Sally, our ever-patient fisherman and his dog, are indulging in their favourite pastime -- fishing. But in this image, I decided on a point of departure from previous Mr. Emmet paintings. Time to let him catch a fish. The moment has arrived. The fisherman's bait is spotted by a large rainbow trout lurking beneath the surface of the rippling stream. Finally, the catch he has been waiting for. Mr. Emmet's face reflects the same delight he likely experienced over many seasons of idle and relaxing fishing.



James Lumbers Cat Napping

James Lumbers

1500 s/n Paper
18" x 24"

A humorous painting as our old fisherman catches forty
winks while his dog, Molly, watches the cat do some fishing
of his own. Will the cat succeed in making quick work of the
fish? There are many possible endings to this story …
either the fisherman wakes up just in time or the goldfish
ends up .. no, it's too dreadful to contemplate.




James Lumbers Cats

" CATS "
James Lumbers

390 s/n Paper 24" x 20" Email-price
50 s/n Canvas Giclee 36" x 30" $1195







James Lumbers Captains Quarters

James Lumbers

1500 s/n Paper
15" x 18"

When I was a small boy, my grandfather gave me a sailor's
cap for my birthday. It kindled in me a lifelong love for things
nautical. I still own the steamer trunk that was used by my
Grandfather in his travels. His stories of adventures on the
high seas grew in my imagination but it was the trunk that
contained the seafaring memories for me later on in life.
Now, as the late afternoon sunlight streams through the dust
particles of stale attic air, my thoughts on the magic
of being young remain in the afterglow.



James Lumbers Cherry Hill Autumn

James Lumbers

490 s/n Paper
14.25" x 18"



James Lumbers Cherry Hill Spring

James Lumbers

490 s/n Paper
14.25" x 18"


James Lumbers Cherry Hill Summer

James Lumbers

490 s/n Paper
14.25" x 18"



James Lumbers Cherry Hill Winter

James Lumbers

490 s/n Paper
14.25" x 18"

This road in a small community in Eastern Ontario is
represented in 4 paintings and shows the same road in the
4 seasons of the year. Each of the paintings also represent
s a period of time over the past 125 years. Long before the
highways of today, a horse and sleigh were the mode
of transportation in winter. Later times were represented
during the First World War, the Great Depression,
and then the present time.



James Lumbers Country Kitchen

James Lumbers

390 s/n Paper
26" x 21"

This house was in a little French-speaking community just
north of my cottage. Time has stood still for the old farm
couple. They told me they didn't really care much about
what was happening in the world beyond their rural confines.
In fact, they laughed about not knowing what day it was.
The centrepiece of their kitchen was an old cast-iron stove.
It caught the reflection of the sun and gleamed. It has
never failed them, working as well in the eighties as it had
when it was first fired up in the twenties.


James Lumbers Changing Seasons

James Lumbers

390 s/n Paper
18" x 24"

Most of us remember homes like this one from our
childhood; somewhat forbidding but stil too much for
our curiosity. To these children it's an intriguing place to
stop on a cold winter's eve. As they stare through the frosty
window, a hint of the past comes to life and they wonder
how life must have been in another time and another season.



James Lumbers City Limits

James Lumbers

2500 s/n Paper
12.25" x 29.5"

On one of those pleasant, autumn afternoons when the sun
fills the golden leaves with majesty, I was strolling down a
very old road not far from our home.
The city loomed in the horizon yet it was easy to imagine
a young couple in a horse and buggy trotting by…pausing
for refreshments from a friendly farm couple and sharing
a neighbourly visit. The farm stands alone and quiet many
years later but the memories are there in the colours
of the leaves mingled with smoke from a distant fireplace.


James Lumbers Deja Vu

James Lumbers

390 s/n Paper
30" x 24"

An old man sits in quiet contemplation in a storage barn
feeding a tamed squirrel. The apple orchard framed in
the doorway displays the rich red and yellow hues of ripened
fruit. The young boy featured in the painting is my son,
Douglas, at age nine. The old man is reflecting on his youth
and the carefree summer days of boyhood represented by
Douglas. Harvesting apples and making apple cider were
October rituals in southern Ontario. As a young lad,
the old man enjoyed the bountiful harvest and sold them
at a roadside stall. Now in faded overalls and a plaid shirt
the memories come flooding back … strong as the pungent
aroma of cider in the making.


James Lumbers Coming Home

James Lumbers

50 s/n Canvas Giclee 20" x 32" Email-price
2000 s/n Paper 18" x 30 " Email-price

James Lumbers presents his first full winter scene since,
"A Winter's Glow" a decade ago. Numbered to represent the
year 2000, Mr. Lumbers has provided an image he knows very
well in "Coming Home"; his own house. If you look closely
through the window, you will see him creating another moment
in time. A century ago, rutted roads covered with drifting snow
made every journey an adventure. Snuggled under big Buffalo
robes, it often became a game to see who could spot the lights
of home first. As the sleigh came to rest in front of the house,
the door would open and mom's welcoming smile beckoned
all to come in. The delectable aroma of fresh baking filled
the house. The joy of being together made even the coldest
night feel warm... a feeling that will be cherished forever.


James Lumbers The Crossing

James Lumbers

2500 s/n Paper
13" x 29 "

"I remember as a young boy, standing beside my father and
watching the train rush down the track to a world that I
could not imagine. With my father's reassuring hand on my
shoulder, I would muster up the courage to wave to the engineer
…who never failed to wave back.
And even though the "new age" has pushed the steam engine
deep into our memories and the tracks have remained unused
for years, the crossing still reminds me of a world that was
in many ways a nicer place in which to grow up"


James Lumbers Double Trouble

James Lumbers

95 s/n Canvas Giclee 30" x 25" Email-price
490 s/n Paper 24" x 20" Email-price

Sitting on a quiet bay just off the main lake was a favourite
pastime of mine as a young boy. Later on, my own son who
was the real fisherman in the family, could be found carrying
on the tradition of his grandfather. Many times he would
stroll back to the cottage, empty-handed, his bait pail empty…
but he was happy. On this particular day, the sudden splash
of a darting fish caused quite a commotion and everyone got
into the act. I can't recall if he brought this one home or not,
but knowing he grew up sharing my love for nature has given
a lasting significance to the one spot we both cherish.


James Lumbers Days Gone By

James Lumbers

950 s/n Paper
18" x 25"

A juxtaposition of past and present … the rising towers of
concrete and steel practically at the doorstep of an old
red schoolhouse. The painting is a protest against progress
as it erases all reminders of a gentler, kinder world and
exemplifies in the strongest possible terms an editorial theme
I promote in all of my work: "Always remember.
We forget at our peril!"



James Lumbers Different Times

James Lumbers

s/n Paper
18" x 25"

The banks of the Moon River used to be a popular picnic
site for travellers en route to Georgian Bay. Campfires were
common along the shore as picnic lunches wereunpacked
and enjoyed. Today, northbound traffic makes its way on
the wide span that crosses the "Moon"




James Lumbers Double Splash

James Lumbers

2500 s/n Paper
15" x 18"

Sitting on a quite bay just off the main lake was a favourite
pastime of mine as a young boy. Later on, my own son who
was the real fisherman in the family, could be found carrying
on the tradition of his grandfather.
Many times he would stroll back to the cottage, empty-handed,
his bait pail empty…but he was happy. On this particular
day, the sudden splash of a darting fish caused quite a
commotion and everyone got into the act. I can't recall if he
brought this one home or not, but knowing he grew up sharing
my love for nature has given a lasting significance to the one
spot we both cherish.

James Lumbers the Dream Begins Joe Montana

James Lumbers

3832 s/n Paper
16" x 22"

When I met Joe Montana and his Father, I asked a lot
of questions about his background. As a boy he learned
to throw the ball throught a swinging tire on a rope to train
his eye and reflexes. Later he was a star in college and went
on to be one of the all time great quarterbacks of the game.
Each stage of his life is represented in this painting and
shows how his dream began.




James Lumbers Dunrowan

James Lumbers

450 s/n Paper
16" x 20"

The old sunken rowboat first used in Mr. Emmet's
Fishin' Hole reappears in this peculiarly named image,
Dunrowan. However, on this occasion I painted it from
a different angle. Once again the kindly Mr. Emmet
makes an appearance, patiently fishing against the
backdrop of an early evening sky -- his faithful dog Sally
close. But what about the peculiar name on the boat,
Dunrowan? There is a story here also.



James Lumbers Echoes Of Education

James Lumbers

3500 s/n Paper
15.125" x 25"

Although the familiar school bell no longer rings and children
no longer take their assigned seats in old, rugged wooden
desks worn smooth by generations of learning, the echoes
of education can still be felt when one passes similar buildings
from our past such as this. When I see an old red schoolhouse
in a countryside, my imagination begins to fill with the
sights and sounds of yesterday.


James Lumbers Evening Rendezvous

James Lumbers

50 s/n Canvas Giclee 20" x 26" Email-price
950 s/n Offset Paper 17.5" x 24" $195

The setting sun provides a romantic backdrop for that
magical time suspended between daylight and nightfall.
The gentle lapping of the water on the rock's edge and the
subtle scent of shoreline reeds, stirred by a warm
summer breeze completes the mood.
Nature in its allure, invites us, generation after generation,
to become part of this perfect setting. This is a place
where your imagination is free to enjoy your fondest dreams,
whether for the first time with that very special person,
or as a return visit through a treasured memory.Nature's gift is
yours to take, the romance of the moment will become
timeless in your heart.


James Lumbers Flight 632

" FLIGHT 632 "
James Lumbers

2000 s/n Paper
13.5" x 26 "

"The history of flight has shown such innovative growth
that it's hard for me to fathom the incredible changes
that have occurred.
Now, modern computer-controlled machines fill the skies
like sleek silver birds in all their majesty.
When I was a boy though, scenes like Flight 632 showing
a beautiful old D.C. 3 were an adventure tobehold and
their memory soared in my imagination.





James Lumbers Fireside

James Lumbers

2000 s/n Paper
22" x 18"

It is a cold and blustery evening but indoors by the fire,
the atmosphere is comfortable and warm as always.
Our eager fisherman and his faithful friend spent many
enjoyable nights just like this. However, by the end of the
cold season, both< were anxious to be fishing once again.
It was a tedious task tying flies in such a delicate fashion,
but both looked forward to spring when fishing was at its finest.
The long flickering shadows of those evenings are just a
fond memory now that our fisherman has gone. Yet one can
almost still see a fine trail of smoke from his old pipe
through the burning flames as the evening draws near.



James Lumbers A Frosty Night

James Lumbers

50 s/n Canvas Giclee 11" x 28" Email-price
950 s/n Paper 10.5" x 26" Email-price

It was a tradition many years ago when Dr. John Smyth
would bring friends to his home on the hill in his 4-horse cutter.
He used any excuse to entertain and give them the thrill of a ride.
Being the dominant person he was, many tales were told of his adventures. Some say his spirit can be felt even now on these
cold frosty evenings.Now, many years later his Great Grandson
Josh lives in the family home. He and his Daughter Eve just
built a snowman looking down the road. As they head home for
supper only the snowman will see the spirit of the old man
and his friends swishing through the snow with sleigh bells
ringing on another cold night adventure, but Dr. Smyth will see
that life continues on in the house on the hill.



James Lumbers get A Horse

James Lumbers

2500 s/n Paper
16" x 23"

This scene depicts a corner in anytown in the early part
of the century. The lights slowly come on as if to announce
the frustration of being the owner of a newfangled machine
---the horseless carriage. Although a milestone in the
history of transportation, the automobile in its infancy was
also the source of some good-humoured criticism thus
resulting in the often-used admonition…"Get A Horse"



James Lumbers The Gift

James Lumbers

50 s/n Canvas Giclee 30.5" x 22" Email-price
950 s/n Offset Paper 25" x 18" $175

On a winter's night, with snowflakes silently drifting down,
the peace of the moment allows us to feel what is truly in our
heart. At times like this, a special gift will bond lovers,
friends or families with memories that last forever.
Although circumstances differ, "The Gift" is closely related
to an earlier painting , "As Time Goes By" when Grandpa
presents his treasured watch to his grandson. Gifts can
mean many things, but to receive one out of love, is the most
cherished gift of all.



James Lumbers A Game Of Checkers

James Lumbers

50 s/n Canvas Giclee 28.5" x 36" Email-price
950 s/n Offset Paper 16.5" x 21" $175

Many years ago there were two men who lived on neighbouring
farms near the area where I spent my childhood. Their names
were John Parker and Lou Stanton. They each had a single
passion and that was to beat each other at a game of checkers.
Every Saturday afternoon in this old drive shed, John and
Lou faced each other in their weekly battle of wits. The
old tractor (a Rock Island G-2) belonged to John until he
died in the 1930's. He left it to his lifelong friend Lou,
but he only survived two more years. Now and then people
say they can hear the click of checkers in the old shed,
but others say it's just the chickens. What do you think?


JAMES Lumbers Grandpa's Boat

James Lumbers

49 s/n Canvas Giclee 19" x 24.5" Email-price
2500 s/n Offset Paper 16.5" x 22 " $250

All fishermen understand the time-honoured traditions
involved in the pastime. Not too many years ago, grandpa
took his son fishing in this boat. Now as his memory lingers
in the shadows of a warm summer day, yet another generation
passes under the trees with the day's catch in hand.

Grandpa's Boat is still revered as an old friend with which
to share a wonderful time.






James Lumbers Gone Fishing

James Lumbers

390 s/n Paper 26" x 21" Email-price

Mr. Emmet is a re-occurring character in many of my fishing
canvases. Regrettably, as I began sketching the outline for
Gone Fishin', I received word that my friend and neighbour
has died suddenly. The always popular Mr. Emmet would
appear in future paintings. But I decided that this one must be
a tribute to that wonderful lone fisherman, and to capture the
solitude and freedom that he enjoyed so. I decided to add Mr.
Emmet's faithful companion Sally at the last minute. Here
we see her as she sits at the edge of the dock in eager anticipation
of the catch of the day. The painting is set on Otter Island,
the dock a part of the old Nimrod Club. I took some liberties
with the building, however, deciding to capture the structure
as it once was, rather than how it appeared at the time this work was taking shape. Looking at the image today, I can still hear
Mr. Emmet waving good-bye to his wife in the city, saying
"If anyone askes for me, tell them I've gone fishin'"




James Lumbers grandm's Recipe

James Lumbers

50 s/n Canvas Giclee 22.25" x 28" Email-price
950 s/n Offset Paper 17.5" x 22" Email-price

For over 52 years Nancy's grandmother prepared her
memorable dishes in her enchanting country kitchen.
Summer breezes wafting through the windows carried the
tempting smells of fresh bread and cakes through the house.
Now Nancy and her mother carry on the tradition as
Grandma's contented spirit looks on believing that her
tried and true recipes will live through the next generation.







50 s/n Canvas Giclee 20" x 23.75" $550
950 s/n Offset Paper 20" x 23.75" $175

For some strange reason, children always seem to have
a special relationship with their Grandparents. Maybe
it's the age difference, or maybe it's a different way of seeing
thigs early in the morning, as the mists rise from the lake into
the cool, fresh air.When you're young each day brings a
new adventure. Grandpa's lesson today is a simple one.
"You have to hook the worm before you can hook the fish",
he said in disgusted amusement, watching the expression
on the faces of his young grandchildren.


James Lumbers The Inheritance


s/n t Paper
24" x 20"

This painting was inspired by my close relationship
with my grandfather, (first name) Mackenzie. I suppose I was
like most boys at this time. On a warm summer's day fishing
was very much on a young boy's mind. His grandfather looks
over his shoulder with pride in his heart. How his grandson
has grown! The passage of time hasn’t dimmed the affection
between grandfather and grandson. The work is my tribute
to the wonderful kinship I once knew, and shared with many.


James Lumbers If Only


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 17.5" x 26" Email-price
950 s/n Paper 17.5" x 26 " $295

If Only… Every golfer knows the anguish…stuck behind a
tree (and what a silly place to put a tree)…. feet away from
what could have been a great shot…playing partners chuckling,
already counting their winnings. There's a decision to be made
… take the penalty stroke, chip out, go for the green?
In total frustration, the golfer looks at his friends, looks at the ball,
looks at the green, looks at the tree, and like so many anxious
golfers before, mutters aloud for the one 'tool' we assume
no golf bag has contained… "Does anyone have and axe?"
In his newest work, Jim Lumbers shares a moment that
all golfers understand. Yes, it is a relaxing game… a pleasant
walk in the park. But it's also a game that is constantly
second-guessed; "…if only."

James Lumbers Imagination


2500 s/n Paper
15.5" x 21"

"There are several meanings to the Painting 'Imagination.'
Even though I've used a kitten magining himself in the future
- I am also thinking of the alter ego that we all possess and
how differently we see our inner being from the rest of the
world. Perhaps this is how we sustain ourselves
at times of great adversity.





James Lumbers The Locket


2500 s/n Paper
17.5" x 22"

After months of planning and preparation, another wedding
day unfolds and the bride looks to the future with anticipation.
The dress worn long ago has been preserved with great care
for this day. And the locket, also a gift from the past, now finds
a new resting place near a new heart as the custom is passed on. Generations of women in her family have worn this precious
heirloom. Stories have been woven around it…happiness
and tears intertwined. The young bride feels her heartbeat
against it. Time will not dim the golden memories of the
locket. They will retain their unburnished glow
through the years.



James Lumbers Joy Ride


390 s/n Paper
19" x 24"

An abandoned vintage English Ford is a silent witness
to the changing seasons. But far from rusting away, the
abandoned relic has become a playground for the many
woodland creatures in the Northumberland Forest. I
thought it would be fun to paint a family of raccoons
enjoying their new find --- a once-elegant car now
left to the elements. The theme of this painting focused
on man and nature. Ultimately, nature won out.


James Lumbers Just For You


590 s/n Paper
18" x 22"

For Sunny, the pleasure of a new puppy
is just one of the many delights of childhood. A whole new
world awaits this little dog's every move. In this scene,
painted from the front porch of the artist's home, our new
pup is about to learn the rewards of fetching an old rubber
ball. An older dog, who was once this carefree age, played
with the same ball. Now, happily this favourite toy can be
used again for this puppy who has found a loving home.
Sunny has yet to name her new pet but is thrilled at
showing him a long-ago toy "just for you".


James Lumbers the Long Way Home


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 17" x 23" Email-price
950 s/n Offset Paper 16" x 21" $175

In the township where we live much remains the same today
as it was 100 years ago. It is not unusual to see a horse
and buggy passing by, hearing its wheels grinding on gravel
and the familiar clip-clop of the horse’s hooves. In the fresh
morning air the mist rises from the ground cloaking distant
trees in mystery. I am told that one of the original settlers
Fred Mc Neil passed this way on his way to the market every
couple of weeks, to sell his hand crafted boots and leather
goods at the local market and then picking up the necessities
of life for the return trip home. Life was hard work in those
days, but uncomplicated by the frustrations that we face today.
Fred’s dog Sampson always looked forward to the journey
as it was a chance to find some wildlife to chase and the
reward of some food when they arrived at the market.
Sampson outlived Fred and his wife Mary, but still kept up
the tradition of walking the road looking for squirrels or
anything else that would play the game with him.


James Lumbers The Kite


950 s/n Paper
18" x 24"

It is a beautiful spring day. There's excitement in the air
at the thought of flying my first kite. The box has just been
opened, instructions read and the kite is ready to fly.
Now where oh where is that gust of wind….?


James Lumbers Lone Pine


95 s/n Canvas Giclee 24" x 30" $895
950 s/n Paper 18" x 22" $1595

This image was reproduced as a Canvas Giclee on fine quality watercolour canvas. Each Giclee has been inspected for
accuracy of colour before it was signed and numbered by
the artists.A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied with each reproduction. 95 hand embellished, signed & numbered
Canvas Giclees.




James Lumbers Lucky Strike


790 s/n Paper
18" x 22"

In Georgian Bay, where I had a summer home, there's an old
motto that goes. "You'd better be ready for anything to occur
when you turn towards the Painted Waters". In this painting,
our patient fisherman drifts off for a nap in the warm afternoon
sunlight, while waiting for that lucky strike. Suddenly a swirl
of movement in the water below catches the attention of our
cat and dog who, in true animal fashion, spend their days
anticipating nature's next surpris



James Lumbers Love and Cherish


2500 s/n Paper
17" x 23"

This painting is dedicated to all women who are, and will
be brides. The future holds so much optimism and excitement.
A turn-of-the-century bride is about to throw her bouquet to her
waiting bridesmaids. Aglow with hope and happiness, she
looks forward to a new life with the one she loves. My wish
is that both the bride and the groom will "love and cherish"
…far into the future.


James Lumbers Mischief


590 s/n Paper
18" x 22"

After tying the old rowboat to the dock and gathering his
gear, he will head back to camp for a fine fish dinner.
The only problem is that the fish seem to be missing …
wasn’t the creel just right there on the dock? Could it have
jumped a way and fallen into the water? In the distance
Ted is enjoying this comical scene and reminiscing over
past years when equally funny things happened. Ted will
open his live bait shop bright and early the next day as
yet another fishing season reels them in. Let's hope
our fisherman spots his dinner before it's too late.


James Lumbers Moonlight Embrace


2500 s/n Paper
16.5" x 21.5"

The cool mists of evening swirl into a vision of warm memories
from other times and the moment becomes real again
for each succeeding generation.
There is no style in nature … only an unchanging reality
that gives us the comfort of seeing moonlight on water.
And experiencing the fresh scents of nature after a hot day,
where the optimism of love will always flower.



James Lumbers Morning Reflections


950 s/n Paper
18" x 22"

Nature's first colours of the morning rise above the forest
giving light to the painted waters. But hark! Something
swirls just beneath the surface of the calm water and
attracts the attention of both cat and dog... Could it be
the same frog that held their interest the previous day,
or maybe something new lured by the passing bait?
In a moment we shall soon know what the
early hours hold.


James Lumbers The Meeting Place


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 16" x 31.5" Email-price
750 s/n Offset Paper 14" x 28" $185

There are many places in the countryside that stand
unnoticed as nature consumes them, offering testimony
of someone’s struggle and joy as they lived in their time.
Today, empty rooms gaze blindly through dust-covered
windows as a young couple appear at the old rusting pump,
to enjoy a refreshing drink on their long journey.
As the sun settles, casting long shadows on the scene,
our spiritual travelers disappear for another day.
Our two dogs have always been fascinated with this
abandoned home and perhaps they know things that we can
only guess at. Is it another animal they sense or is
it something else? They quietly watch as evening descends
into darkness and the cool night air beckons them to
return home to a welcome meal.

James Lumbers Movin On


2750 s/n Paper
15" x 21.5"

"While walking one evening under a full moon, the clouds
appeared to be made of lace. In the distance, a glow from
the city lights broke through the clouds in the night sky.
I could visualize the fleeting spirit of an old farmer and his wife,
guided by the frail glow of an old kerosene lamp and his
sure-footed horse, vanishing into a tangle of noise and
congestion that will eventually swallow everything in its path,
leaving only memories . . . memories of another time."




James Lumbers Memories For Sale


390 s/n Paper
20" x 33"

Tom's Motel used to be a well-known lodging in the
Cobourg area. This now abandoned structure turned out
to be the perfect subject for my next project, a slice of 1940's
North American culture. In preparing for the project, I
pored over a scrapbook provided by the owner of Tom's
Motel. As the painting took shape, I added a honeymooning
couple. An appropriate move as things turned out. Couples
would approach me at art shows and tell me that they had
spent their wedding night at Tom's motel. And, if you look
closely, you will notice that I did not miss an opportunity
to include another gas pump.

James Lumbers Morning Reflections


950 s/n Paper
18" x 22"

Nature's first colours of the morning rise above the forest
giving light to the painted waters. But hark! Something
swirls just beneath the surface of the calm water and
attracts the attention of both cat and dog... Could it be
the same frog that held their interest the previous day,
or maybe something new lured by the passing bait?
In a moment we shall soon know what the
early hours hold.


James Lumbers Everest Sir Edmund Hillary


1953 s/n Paper
19" x 26"

Painting mountains has always presented a challenge.
And to paint the man who conquered Mt. Everest was like
scaling the heights of the Himalayas. I wanted to capture
the strength of Sir Edmund Hillary and relate him to the
mountains. I share Sir Edmund's love for mountain
climbing but nothing in my experience will ever compare
to viewing the world at 29,000 ft. I was determined to convey
the passion Sir Edmund had exhibited on that historic
day in 1953 as he stood on the world's tallest peak.


James Lumbers Mr. Emmet


s/n Paper
15" x 20"

Georgian Bay was where my friend and neighbour,
Mr. Emmet, was most at peace with the world. He would
spend long hours in a rowboat, his fishing line in the water,
patiently waiting for a bite. There was a certain contentment
about him, and he was never happier than when fishing.
Many refer to this painting as my signature piece. I certainly
worked on it during an exciting year -- part of which
was spent in England, enjoying the magnificent
English countryside.




James Lumbers Nursing


2500 s/n Paper
15" x 25.5 "

"At the turn of the century, starched formality and rigid
routine directed the life of a nurse. Over time, nursing has
evolved with modern technology taking them into areas
that no one could have imagined one hundred years ago.
But even with all the advances in nursing, one aspect
has remained unchanged. . . nurses have never lost
the human touch."



James Lumbers Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe


9999 s/n Paper 17.5" x 22" $295
1509 s/n ( Signed by Gordie Howe )
Paper 21.5" x 27" $1295

Before painting hockey legend Gordie Howe, I had the chance
to get to know him. Part of what I learned is captured in
this painting. Here, echoes of the past come to life, as the
future Mr. Hockey acquires his first skate. One of his older
sisters had laid claim to the other skate, but Gordie knew that
if he was patient he would own both. Skates changed Gordie's
life. He moved from farm life, skating on the frozen sloughs
of a wintry prairie, to decades of fame in hockey arenas
across North America.Painting Gordie Howe was a great
challenge for me. It was also an opportunity to honour an
outstanding career, and pay tribute to one of professional
sports all time greatest athletes.



James Lumber October Return


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 19" x 27" Email-price
750 s/n Paper 16" x 23" $195

A cloak of mist muffled
the faint sound of stirring water in the distance and a couple
seemed to appear in a canoe as if looking for an occasion
rather than a place. Perhaps it was when a never-ending love
was born and nurtured in the solitude that can sometimes
be a blend of memories and reality. The ruins of an old dock
and the musty aroma of a cabin in the final stages of
decay offer testament to the people that now search
for the elusive instant when love gave them so much pleasure.
Perhaps the most melancholy yet thought-provoking time
is the fall. The birds have migrated and without concern
for the past or present, a squirrel pauses to enjoy a morsel
in his quiet dominion, undisturbed as the seasons change.
There are spiritual memories that live on in places like this,
where they remain unremitting and clocked in the
mystery of the mist.


James Lumbers Old Friends


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 17" x 23" Email-price
1200 s/n Offset Paper 13" x 18" $175

Anyone who ever spent time in the woods with his dog
knows how a special bond can form. Molly was a wise
old Springer Spaniel and could anticipate things almost
before they happened. Like the day Harry (her master) had
a clear shot at a pheasant, only to find out he forgot to load
his gun. She just looked up at him and yawned.

It's an awful feeling to be embarrassed in front of your dog!
He muttered to himself "thank God she can't talk".
It didn't matter to Harry or Molly if they brought anything
home or not because they shared so many adventures
together and would always be "Old Friends"



James Lumbers the Old Family Car


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 18" x 32" Email-price
750 s/n Paper 16" x 23" $175

In the 40’s during the war, it was next to impossible to get
a new car. Charlie Padget needed one to get around to
his customers. He watched the want ads and finally his
patience paid off. He became the proud owner of a 1941
Chevrolet. Every weekend Charlie took great pride in
maintaining his treasure. It always looked like it just came
from the showroom. His wife Martha would look down from
the porch, wondering what possible pleasure a man could
derive from getting all greasy and dirty working on a car.
Charlie’s son Bill on the other hand, had total empathy
for the routine watching every step his father took.
After Charlie died, the old car was stored in the garage.
When Bill inherited the house after his mother passed away
the tradition was revived and Bill looks after his father’s
car with the same loving care. Now his son Charlie
Jr. patiently watches for an opportunity to help his dad
while his dog Teddy looks on with ambivalence.


James Lumbers On The Beat


1500 s/n Paper
13" x 25"

There was a time when acts of kindness and gentle humour
were part of everyday life and taken for granted. Community
values we shared only a few years ago are fast disappearing
from today's urban centres. Changes have come too fast.
Back then neighbours knew each other and violence was rare.
Children felt safe on any street. Life was infinitely simpler
and rewarding. It held qualities we inwardly long for now.
I hope the viewer will share this empathy towards past values
and help turn society around, away from violence and
towards humanity and benevolence.


James Lumbers On The Way To School


950 s/n Paper
13.5" x 26 "

Waiting at the end of the farmhouse lane, the smell of fresh
dew on the vegetation permeates the countryside. The tranquil
greens of summer are now transformed into the glowing
colours of autumn. With the passing of summer, the reality
of a new school year once again transforms the lives of children
and their parents. Back to school has always been a time to
see old friends again and to experience many of the activities
that have been enjoyed by students throughout the generations.
The clip-clop of horses' hooves, blended with excited young
voices, once announced the passage of students on their way
to a one-room schoolhouse. Even though the era of the horse
and buggy has long passed, the laughter of children can still
be heard from within the school bus as it makes its way to
the regional school and a more sophisticated educational system.



James Lumbers Out On a Limb


s/n Paper
24" x 20"

An interesting old mansion stands not far from my home at
the end of Cherry Hill Road. It is from the red brick that
characterised Ontario homes of an earlier period, the mansion
has since been abandoned and posted as "No Trespassing".
We are shown a glimpse of this home which still offers a curious
sense of wonder for these two playful young cats. Perhaps they
feel the presence of other cats that have lived there before as
they mischievously try to figure out a way to explore inside.
The wandering limbs of a hundred-year old chestnut tree
provide this pair of kittens with an interesting angle to the world
inside. Maybe they won't venture in today but soon, they will
be back until their curiosity gets the better of them.

James Lumbers Opening Night


1500 s/n Paper
18" x 22.5"

Around the time I was born, scenes like the one I have
recreated were happening throughout North America.
'Opening Night' always brought on a special feeling of
excitement. Elegance, stardom and famous romances
stirred the night air. John Eberson, a man we can all thank
for creating classic theatres during that period, is standing
in the painting near Clark Gable and Joan Crawford.
The (1929) Duesenberg parked in front was originally
owned by Eberson. Today, it is fully restored and running
like theday it was made. In fact, last year I had the opportunity
to sit in this magnificent automobile and capture another
moment in time.



James Lumbers Overheated


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 18" x 24" $595
950 s/n Offset Paper 16" x 21.5" $175

As it happens, I painted this work during one of the hottest
spells of this summer. I was inspired when walking down
a road very similar to this scene far from the hassle and
noise of the city. Those who are old enough will remember
traveling down seldom-used roads past woods, streams
and the occasional farm. Cars were temperamental at best
and usually found the most inconvenient place to break
down in the humid sun of summer. In this depiction a couple
found a sympathetic farmer to supply water for their
overheated car. It was a chance for everyone to enjoy some
company and talk about the day's events that are not so far
in the past. The farmer's Grandson Thomas, remembering
experiences so often related by his Grandparents of their
earlier years here looks down the road on another hot
summer day to see if what once was might still be


James Lumbers The Perfect Spot


1500 s/n Paper
18" x 21.5"

"I seem like just about everything in life has changed
since I was a child. The exceptions being a couple old
secluded places from days gone by...places untouched by
modern times.One such location is a park that I used to
frequent a long time ago; sometimes with my family like
the scene I have painted; other times with my grandfather.
I remember hiking with him all day until we found
"The Perfect Spot" and once everything was in place,
we'd enjoy a swim or sometimes a little fishing before
our evening meal.I can still picture him sitting there
as if it was yesterday. Rod in hand, and that ever-present
look of contentment on his face.


James Lumbers Pirates Cove


790 s/n Paper
18" x 22"

Little boys dream of exploring distant lands and setting sail
on new adventures. This art of the English coast has
remained unsullied by time. One can still smell the salty
air and explore hidden caves and dark crevices where the
past has left its long shadows. Offshore, amidst the seabirds
calling, a restless ship tosses in the blue-gray sea. Its mission
is hinted at in Rudyard Kipling's classic poem,
"A Smuggler's Song".



James Lumbers Playing Through


s/n Paper
18" x 22"

When sports was suggested as a fitting subject for my
memory paintings, I chose golf mainly because it was
played outdoors in the summer and looked like a
friendly game.

The result was a painting of fun and nostalgia which
gained acceptance by golf aficionados.



James Lumber Return To Country Kitchen


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 30" x 21" Email-price
950 s/n Paper 27" x 18" $295

The original painting called "Country Kitchen" was
completed years ago. That kitchen has long been abandoned
and left to the ravages of time. Even so, the touch of loving
hands still evident in the garden and inside the house say so
much about the home that is no more. The curious glance
of my grandson looking into the kitchen now moldy with the
years and a battle lost with nature could hardly imagine
the smell of fresh apple pie that once permeated the room.
The rusted Model "T" surrounded by flowers, the trailing
Clematis working its way in, the two Warblers sunning
themselves are also reminders of times past.



James Lumbers Ready To Go


1500 s/n Paper
15" x 18"

Parents of all ages will relate to the humour and message
in this painting. As a child, I can remember waiting for
what seemed like an eternity in anticipation of an exciting
event to happen. But in the wink of an eye, I would be lost
in another world like my Grandfather's collectibles. Plans
to do some serious fishing were temporarily put on hold…
even when Dad was "ready to go". In this quiet, reflective
moment, a child's own curiosity transcended the
passage of time.

James Lumbers Rescuing A Memory


1500 s/n Paper
13" x 24.75"

Every young child was fascinated by the sight of a fire engine.
Kids would appear out of nowhere at the mere sound of
our local fire engine just to be a part of the action. Like the
Police men of our neighbourhood who walked their beat
with regularity, our local Firemen were ready for anything,
at all times. Their red fire truck was polished to a mirror-like
finish and their equipment checked on a daily basis. These were
men of courage who could defy danger or be called upon
to show kindness and caring. We even grew to know some
of them by name. Firefighters were indeed our heroes and
their memories still shine to this day


James Lumbers Cultural Exchange


3500 s/n Paper
12" x 24"

The RCMP and Native Peoples have enjoyed a long
history of mutual respect, and for generations, story-telling
has been one way that each learned from the other.
And as a Mountie relates a story to a group of Native
youths of today, images from the past dance magically
in the campfire smoke.



James Lumbers santa's Helpers


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 20" x 30" Email-price
750 s/nPaper 16" x 21" $195

This print was created to honour all of the people who serve
with the Auxiliary Police Service. One of the activities they
participate in is delivering Christmas Gifts to children who
may not be as privileged as others are. Other activities
include crowd control at parades etc.,
search and rescue clerical work and many other tasks.
Members of the Auxiliary volunteer many hours of their
time to train and serve where their services are needed.
It would be difficult for many Police Services to function
without them.



James Lumbers The march West


3500 s/n Paper
12" x 24"

The March West, which took place in 1874, is a landmark event
in the history of the RCMP. It involved an almost endless column
of men and equipment, moving slowly across the vast open prairies,
often in the face of adverse conditions. In this painting, members
of the Mounted Police head west to establish law and order under
the watchful eyes of representatives of the First Nations.



James Lumbers the graduation


3500 s/n Paper
12" x 24"

All members of the RCMP begin their careers at "Depot",
the training academy in Regina. Viewing this ceremony,
I was very impressed with its history and, in my painting, I
depict a troop of North-West Mounted Police from the 1880's
passing in front of the Administration Building of today,
the central focus of Depot Division.



James Lumbers The Immigrants


3500 s/n Paper
12" x 24"

The North-West Mounted Police maintained law and order
during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway
in the 1880's. And when immigrants began to arrive,
they received help and advice from the Mounties in
their quest for a new life in a new land.



James Lumbers Saturday Morning


450 s/n Paper
21" x 26"

Seeking other subjects to paint, I was drawn to an old
filling station nestled among the pines. Originally called
Duke's Garage, this became one of my favourite works.
The old-fashioned gas pumps, elegant car and personages
of the period are echoed in my other painting,
"Line Pine". Displayed at the Buckhorn Wildlife
Festival near Peterbrorough, Ontario in 1983, it started
me on the many nostalgic themes that have characterised
my work since then.



James Lumbers Secret Of The Well


450 s/n Paper
16" x 20"

Leaves dappled with sunlight on a beautiful May morning
inspired me to work on this painting. A little girl returns from
an early morning walk with her dog and stops for a cool drink
at an old well. Her grandfather appears as a vision to pump
water out of the well for his favourite granddaughter.
There was fresh dew on the grass and the humid air hung
like a canopy over the trees. Spring was, indeed, bursting out
all over … a welcome respite from the cold. A time to discover
the blossoms of the season for the little girl and her dog.



James Lumbers A sense Of Pride


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 17" x 23" Email-price
1200 s/n Paper 13" x 18" $175

Tom Phillips was a fireman all of his working life. When he
retired, he could never forget the loyalty and fellowship he
felt with the people he worked with through the years.
After one of many visits to the old fire hall with his grandson,
he gave him a real fireman's hat. Bobby knew then that
he wanted to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. His
12th birtday was very special because Bobby received
a model of Grandpa's truck made just for him and he was
filled with a "Sense of Pride".



James Lumbers Shades Of Summer


790 s/n Paper
18" x 22"

The old wooden ice wagon being slowly pulled down
the cobblestone street and the gentle old horse that we all knew
by name are some of the treasured memories of a childhood
summer. There was nothing better on a hot summer's day than
to have a chunk of ice to enjoy. We would chat with the friendly
iceman who always seemed to have time for all of us.
Sometimes he would let us help him by holding the horse
while he delivered thosse fifty-pound blocks with the greatest
of ease. These were magical childhood moments during
summer's long, never-ending days.

James Lumbers Shadows and Memories


75 s/n Canvas Giclee Email-price
2500 s/n Paper 18" x 22 " $185

It's day's end as the sun casts a golden glow across the
land. A couple enjoy a quiet moment of reflection by the
lake perhaps thinking back to that carefree time when
he rowed her across the water in his wooden boat.
Is youth wasted on the young?
Or is it the memories that keep us young?





James Lumbers Shopping


1500 s/n Paper
18" x 25"

A mere fifty years separates two generations of commerce
so startlingly apart in setting and merchandising methods.
General stores and their friendly shopkeepers are no longer
part of the landscape. They have been replaced by large
shopping malls of marble and chrome with every
conceivable advertising gimmick to attract shoppers.




James Lumbers Side by Side


s/n Paper
21" x 26"

On a bright summer morning last July Ian and his dog
Hamish could not resist going out in the old boat that his
grandfather John Emmet left to him. Hamish, being quite
new at fishing had no idea why all the fuss was made in
preparation for the adventure. Grandpa’s tackle box fishing
rods etc. were all placed in the boat along with some fat
juicy dew worms collected the night before.
The morning air still had that crisp freshness to it that you
only feel on the water. The bobber was attached to the line
and Ian put a worm on just as his grandfather taught him.
He could swear that Grandpa was still there watching him
so he was extra careful when he hooked the worm. He used to
tell Ian “You don’t want to give the fish a free lunch.”
It was the great love the old man had for his grandson that
filled Ian with “The Spirit of Fishing”.


James Lumbers Something Borrowed Something True


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 27" x 21" Email-price
950 s/n Offset Paper 22" x 17.5 " email-price

Family Traditions often bind generations together.
In this painting, I endeavored to show how meaningful
a wedding dress (something old) and a simple locket
(something true) can become. Conscious of all her own
memories, mother tenderly places the locket around the
neck of her daughter. The spirit and love of her
grandmother is always present, never to be forgotten
on a day of such great importance.





James Lumbers The Spirit Of Fishing


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 17" x 23" Email-price
950 s/n Paper 16" x 21" Email-price

On a bright summer morning last July Ian and his dog
Hamish could not resist going out in the old boat that his
grandfather John Emmet left to him. Hamish, being quite
new at fishing had no idea why all the fuss was made in
preparation for the adventure. Grandpa’s tackle box fishing
rods etc. were all placed in the boat along with some fat
juicy dew worms collected the night before.
The morning air still had that crisp freshness to it that you
only feel on the water. The bobber was attached to the line
and Ian put a worm on just as his grandfather taught him.
He could swear that Grandpa was still there watching him
so he was extra careful when he hooked the worm. He used to
tell Ian “You don’t want to give the fish a free lunch.”
It was the great love the old man had for his grandson that
filled Ian with “The Spirit of Fishing”.




James Lumbers Stirring Memories


790 s/n Paper
18" x 22"

Fireplaces bring back memories of chilly nights. Keeping
warm around the hearth and stoking the embers.
This historic room is part of the residence originally
belonging to the old town doctor. While doctors no
longer make house calls, the home today looks much
the way it has always appeared.

Could there be something in the shadows of the reflection
that draws the attention of this curious cat and sleepy dog?
In the glow of the flickering firelight, imagine the solitude
of the artist's nostalgic portrayal and his intention of stirring
a memory in each of us …





James Lumbers Sunset Memories


s/n Paper
22" x 28"

The lady leaning against the tree in this painting gave me
the idea of recreating this scene on canvas. Her father had
been a conductor on one of the trains that passed through
her grandparents' village of Ayr in southwestern Ontario.
Whenever she and her sister would hear the train whistle,
they would dash to the station to wave to their father. I
decided to include her in the picture looking wistfully at the
scene of her childhood. I painted the train passing
through at sundown which proved to be uncannily
correct. She recalled how she used to squint her eyes
against the setting sun to catch a glimpse of her father's
waving hand in the distance.



James Lumbers Summers Past


s/n Paper
17" x 22"

Many years ago one man dreamt of building a magnificent
summer hotel that would overlook the sparkling waters
and sun-bleached shores of his beloved area. Today this
hotel still proudly stands as the sentinel it has been for
over eighty years. An interesting mixture of people spent
their summers here. They came by steamship or sailing
vessel for back then this was the only way to travel.
Evening cruises, a little fishing and an afternoon swim before
dinner were some of the memorable experiences people
shared together. Today one can still feel a sense of
excitement maybe even a little romance in the night
air from this bygone era.



James Lumbers The Sun Never Sets


1500 s/n Paper
17.5" x 22"

A visit to Ernest Hemingway's residence in Key West
inspired this painting. Profiled against bookshelves
and lovingly observed by his famous extra-toed cats,
the spirit of the famous writer lives on in the novels that
have become synonymous with his name. The title of the
painting is a play on words on The Sun Also Rise





James Lumbers The Toll House


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 24" x 36"Email-price
450 s/n Paper 15.5" x 21" $185

On a cold, bright, windless night the swish of the sleighs
runners approached the Toll House. The gatekeeper
reluctantly pulled on his overcoat and left the comfort
of his fireside to collect the toll from the horse drawn sled.
There was almost always an exchange of greetings,
as people passed by. The gatekeeper was the main
source of information as to where hazards might lay
along the way. Toll roads were common in Europe long
ago and the tradition carried on here in North America
as a way of raising money to maintain the roads of the day.
They were usually located near the entrance of a town
or hamlet. Wagons and stagecoaches alike stopped to
pay the required toll.




James Lumbers Traditions


2500 s/n Paper
13.375" x 26"

When I was a boy, I became acquainted with an O.P.P.
officer who was very kind to me. In retrospect he was ahead
of his time since he represented what has since become
known as "community policing".
As I became a full-time painter, many of these officers started
collecting my work and a rapport was established that carries
on to this day.
In this scene I have tried to portray the human side of police
work, as an O.P.P. officer helps his young charges paint
their favourite toy.





James Lumbers Twilight Cruise


2500 s/n Paper
14.5" x 25"

When I venture down a forgotten road and come upon a
quiet lake at sunset, I can almost smell the smoky scent of
a campfire burning in the distance. Excitement filled the
air as people lingered around the town dock watching the
last rays of twilight at the end of another perfect day. If an
artist chooses to paint a memorable scene from the past it
must be from one's own memory---one that seems as real
as yesterday. To paint anything well, the creator must
live the experience and cature those moments in time
ultimately portraying them in a sensitive, evocative way for
the viewer to share in a moment of quiet reflection.




James Lumbers Winter Solstice


50 s/n Canvas Giclee 17" x 23" Email-price
950 s/n Paper 16" x 21" $175

As the sun was settling in the trees the blurred images of
Thomas and his cousin Phillip could be seen in the
distance approaching home after a day of working in the
woods for the local mill. Two deer cautiously watched as
they quietly emerged from the bush. Were these travelers
really there or were they images from the past?
Having purchased food supplies from the old general store,
they packed their sleigh for the trip and pulled it behind them,
back to the cabin. It was hungry work and the thought of a
hot dinner by the warm fire, carefully tended by Thomas’
wife Anne was all they really wanted. It was an age
before the conveniences of modern life clouded the
challenges of nature and a time when foolish mistakes
could have dire consequences in this unforgiving land.



James Lumbers Winters Glow


790 s/n Paper
18" x 22"

Somewhere deep in the north woods lies a bay, teeming
with fish all year round. Our fisherman's faithful campanion
still likes to haunt the area long after his master is gone.
Winter roars in with a vengeance and days spent like this
were always looked upon as a challenge. It was all part of
the joy of catching one's own fresh fish for supper. Now
just the distant glow of an early winter's eve across the
frozen bay reminds us of the warmth that once lingered
from inside this old fish hut. Indeed, one yearns for the
simple life where time seemed to know no beginning nor end …





James Lumbers Yesterdays Love


1500 s/n Paper
15" x 18"

Many summer cottages like this one have remained
virturally unchanged over the years.
I wanted to portray something that is reminiscent of my
own childhood. Places such as these are now long gone
but the memories remain as vivid as they were over fifty
years ago. When I see today's younger generation poring over
treasured family albums, I realize that traditions do remain
alive and kinships are once again renewed.



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